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Kimberley Parrales Talks Shop About Fratelli Beretta USA's Latest Charcuterie Offerings

Monday, June 27th, 2022

In the sea of specialty snacking items, premium meat offerings stand alone as protein-packed, salty products to keep consumers coming back for more. Fratelli Beretta USA knows this well, and the company has multiple new items sure to capture shoppers’ attention across the grocery store.

Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager, Fratelli Beretta USA“We're obviously showcasing a lot of products, a lot of new things, and we are super excited to introduce the Salaminis,” Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager, said to Deli Market News. “They are perfect to grab-and-go. It is really hard to only just have one because they are so addicting.”

The Salaminis aren’t the only thing that will be driving repeat purchases in the deli and snacking sets.

“We also have this new item called Cubed that is a diced pancetta. We are making it easier for you to just be in the kitchen and prepare your meals right on the spot instead of having to cut everything,” Kimberly noted. “And on our other brand, Busseto, we have a Mini Charcuterie. This is on-the-go, you can open it up and have cheese, salami, the crackers, and the chocolate.”

Fratelli Beretta USA has multiple new items sure to capture shoppers’ attention across the grocery aisles, including its Salaminis and Cubed offerings

Convenient, high-quality, and delicious—what more could you ask for? As more new products enter the specialty scene, be sure to check back in with Deli Market News.

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