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Klondike Cheese Co.'s Luke Buholzer Highlights Buholzer Brothers® Semi-Soft Cheeses

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

If there's one thing we've learned in this industry, it is this: Never pass up the opportunity to learn more about cheese. Luke Buholzer of Klondike Cheese Co. recently shared a deep dive on the brand's line of semi-soft cheeses, and the insights revealed were highly valuable.

Luke Buholzer, Vice President of Sales, Klondike Cheese Company“One of the items that we’re showcasing is our Buholzer Brothers® line of semi-soft cheeses, which includes Muenster, Brick, Havarti, and Gouda,” Luke, Vice President of Sales, relayed. “All of our semi-soft cheeses are crafted by master cheesemakers. They’re made in a facility that we built four years ago.”

The factory is state-of-the-art, and the cheeses are exceptional. As Luke explained, the semi-soft cheeses are all made in a traditional brined fashion. One of which is the cheesemaker’s specialty: Brick cheese

“We’ve been able to blend the latest in cheese-making technology with all of our traditions of making cheese for four generations. Brick cheese is a Wisconsin original,” continued Luke. “It’s a mild, very creamy, very versatile cheese. It melts really well.”

Klondike Cheese Co. showcased its Buholzer Brothers® line of semi-soft cheeses, which includes its Wisconsin original Brick cheese that is mild, creamy, and versatile

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why is it called Brick?” Well, you’re not alone with that query, and we were eager to find out.

“The [cheesemakers] would actually take architecture bricks to put on the loaves and press the whey out,” Luke explained.

Hear more about the company’s intriguing line from the man himself in our exclusive Shop Talk video above!

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