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Kraft Heinz Company Launches Chef-Inspired HEINZ 57 Lines; Ashleigh Gibson and Lee Wolen Comment

Kraft Heinz Company Launches Chef-Inspired HEINZ 57 Lines; Ashleigh Gibson and Lee Wolen Comment

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

The condiment and sauce arena continues to expand with new lines entering the field. Recently, Kraft Heinz Company brand HEINZ launched the new HEINZ 57 Collection—lines of elevated sauces and spreads designed to add magic to the culinary experience, one spoonful, drizzle, or spread anywhere, anytime.

Ashleigh Gibson, Head of Marketing and Strategy, HEINZ“As an iconic brand, HEINZ aims to accelerate culinary trends and create pathways for everyday consumers to discover vast culinary cultures,” said Ashleigh Gibson, Head of Marketing and Strategy, HEINZ. “With the increase in chef-inspired cooking, the HEINZ 57 Collection enhances culinary creations and transforms traditional dishes into dynamic creations.”

The new lines were conceived to make culinary trends more accessible. Looking to the culinary expertise of award-winning Chefs Lee Wolen and Joe Frillman for inspiration, the new collection was developed for the market. The new chef-inspired launch strives to accelerate culinary exploration by transforming simple dishes into mouth-watering creations.

 HEINZ recently launched its new HEINZ 57 Collection—lines of elevated, chef-inspired sauces and spreads

Whether looking to add sweet or savory flavors and textures, noted the release, the versatile HEINZ 57 Collection makes it easy with two innovative product lines:

  • Infused Honeys: Flavorful honey sauces infused with unique flavors that perfectly coat dishes like pizza, bacon, or fried chicken, so that every bite is covered in maximum flavor. HEINZ Infused Honeys are offered in Hot Chili and Black Truffle
  • Crunch Sauces: Oil-based premium ingredients that provide texture and flavor to every meal like stir-fry, pho, or veggies. HEINZ Crunch Toppers are offered in Chili Pepper Crunch, Roasted Garlic Crunch, and Mandarin Orange Miso Crunch.

Lee Wolen, Chef“I am inspired by premium-crafted ingredients that can turn any meal from ordinary to extraordinary,” said Michelin-star Chef Wolen. “The HEINZ 57 Collection enables foodies to discover and explore new ingredients and cuisines with a modern twist to even the most tried and true family favorites.”

Consumers are continuing to seek exploration and discovery in cuisines and ingredients, continued the release. HEINZ developed this collection to empower consumers to uncover new culinary adventures and multisensorial experiences at home and beyond.

The versatile HEINZ 57 Collection includes two innovative product lines, infused honeys and crunch sauces

HEINZ 57 Collection is also available nationwide on Amazon and at Meijer, Stop & Shop, Giant Food, Hy-Vee, Publix, Walmart, and other participating retailers.

Where will we see this creative sector go next? Keep checking back as we train our eyes on the wire.

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