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Kreativa Gourmet's Eric Berens Discusses Don Chilio Line

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

It may be rare to see a new category emerging in a culinary world packed with innovative ideas and impressive assortments of products, but Don Chilio is taking aim and taking chiles to the next level with its line of chile crisps. Not quite a salsa, no longer a pepper—you’d be hard-pressed to call these crispy, unctuous treats a condiment or a snack, but they are serviceable as both—and equally at home on a crudite platter or a taco.

I spoke with Eric Berens, a partner in Kreativa Gourmet, to learn more about the Don Chilio brand and its debut product line.

Eric Berens, Partner, Don Chilio“The preservation of the uniqueness of each chile brings a uniqueness of flavor, heat, and crunchiness that surprises people,” Eric told me, noting that the burgeoning brand has been a hit with show-goers at the company's first Winter Fancy Food Show this January. “They have loved it.”

Don Chilio Chile Crisp - Jalapeno, Serrano, and Habanero

Featuring habanero, serrano, and jalapeño peppers, the Don Chilio line is making its U.S. debut right now.

“We’re making new relationships…on the scale of huge to small—and in-between. So, if we’re something that would work for you, we would be happy to talk and see if we can make it fit,” Eric added.

Chile Crisp on Shrimp and Cucumbers

For more information, watch our brief interview above.

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