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Kroger Family of Companies Announces Plan to Hire 10,000 Associates; Tim Massa and Dawn Gilmore Discuss

Kroger Family of Companies Announces Plan to Hire 10,000 Associates; Tim Massa and Dawn Gilmore Discuss

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Several new team members will soon be joining Kroger Family of Companies' central divisions. Tomorrow, June 10, the retailer will be launching its first hybrid hiring event nationwide, aiming to bring on 10,000 eager associates.

Tim Massa, Chief People Officer, Kroger"The Kroger Family of Companies is one of the largest employers in the country and our longstanding culture of opportunity has created an environment where many people, whether it be an intern, stocker, or pharmacy technician, come for a job and stay for a career," said Tim Massa, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer. "To continue advancing our inclusive culture where associates feel valued and can feed their future, we are embracing greater collaboration, technology, and innovation to attract, identify, and develop talent to help us deliver on our business goals, focusing on uplifting and rewarding associate and customer experiences and being consistently in-stock, fresh, and friendly."

The event will include both in-person and virtual interviews, according to a company release, and is open to all, including high school and college students, veterans, retirees, and people with disabilities.

Kroger has announced it is hosting its first nationwide hybrid hiring event this Thursday, June 10, with the goal of hiring 10,000 associates

"We are truly driven to be the best employer in America and one of the best places to work, no matter your skill set, role, or ambitions," Massa continued. "We want to meet our associates where they are and provide them with tools and pathways to grow as individuals and with our organization, because the jobs of the future will grow and evolve just like our business. Today's growth-minded associates will deliver tomorrow's solutions for our customers."

The Kroger Family of Companies is committed to being a leading employer and offers resources, benefits, and training to support its associates and improve their lives, the release noted.

Dawn Gilmore, Head of Talent Acquisition, Kroger"In today's highly competitive labor market, we know talent is selective and attracted to companies that are leading with a clear purpose, growing and improving every day, and committed to offering a diverse, inclusive, and engaging culture where they can thrive and excel," said Dawn Gilmore, Head of Talent Acquisition. "At The Kroger Family of Companies, our purpose, to feed the human spirit, shapes our culture and fuels our growth strategy, and our need for 10,000 more friendly and engaged associates reflects the acceleration of our business and position as one of the top retailers and employers in the U.S.

Those interested in attending the hiring event can register through the Kroger Family of Companies' career site. For more information about this new strategy, click here.

Could future grocery executives be among those joining the team? Only time, and Deli Market News, will tell.