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Kroger Tests New Smart Carts In Cincinnati Store

Kroger Tests New Smart Carts In Cincinnati Store

Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Technology is shaping the way we interact with the world, and this is especially crucial for retailers. Last January, as we reported on our sister site, ANUK, Casper announced the release of its AI-powered shopping carts. Exciting news, yes, but this time, Casper’s name has been linked to Kroger’s, as the retailer looks to launch a fleet of “KroGo” smart carts.

Forbes reported that the carts not only allow consumers to scan items while they shop, but to leave the store without ever having to wait in long checkout lines. The smart carts will initially be rolled out at one of Kroger’s Cincinnati-based stores before launching across its entire 2,750-strong network.

Kroger is promoting the carts by displaying informational signage that highlights the safety of low-contact technology, as well as offering a five percent discount on Kroger-branded items to shoppers who use them.

Deli Market News will continue to check the newswires for updates concerning this new innovative fleet.