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LaClare Specialties

Welcome to Shop Talk! On this episode, Katie Hendrich, Cheese Maker and Marketer, LaClare Specialties, joins DeliMarketTV to share the company's spread of cheeses. The cheese maker featured a monterey jack style, goat milk cheese, and raw goat milk cheddar. What is unique about these cheeses is the milk that Ms. Hendrich uses. The company started a co-op in 2004 that now includes six farms. All the milk used comes from the co-op for these cheeses. With the Evalon line of cheeses, she uses milk from the LaClare Farm. The company milks about 340 dairy goats in Northeast Wisconsin in Chilton. LaClare started out in 2009 making its Evalon cheese. Ms. Hendrich shares a few of the Evalon favorites that include is patterned after a gouda style with a little hint of an Italian finish that is also a bit nutty and fruity. The company has an Evalon that is aged five months and is a lot like an asiago. Then there is the Evalon Select which is aged nine months offering a profile like a parmesan. With the company's flavored cheeses, Ms. Hendrich does something a little bit different. The cheese maker puts the flavor down the center of the cheese so that the flavor profile penetrates throughout the entire wheel, without over powering it. She accredits the awards to the company's milk. In cheese making, the number one ingredient that you start with is milk.