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Lady Edison Releases New Jinhua Style Ham; David Yourd Shares

Lady Edison Releases New Jinhua Style Ham; David Yourd Shares

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Lady Edison has released its new Jinhua style ham to the delight of prominent Asian chefs. Partners Sam Suchoff and David Yourd brought the new item to market, showing off their expertise in dry-cured ham.

David Yourd, Co-Founder, Philosophy Foods“The terroir of the American ham belt mirrors that of Jinhua, and our salting and curing techniques make Southern country ham the perfect substitute for Jinhua,” Yourd stated in a recent press release from the company.

Considered a delicacy, Jinhua ham is a coveted yet elusive ingredient for chefs worldwide. Due to trade restrictions, it is banned from many countries outside of China, including the United States, the release noted.

Lady Edison cures its Jinhua-style ham for 24 months. The hams are cut, bone-in, into three segments similar to how they are currently packaged in China. Jinhua is a beloved versatile ingredient because of its intense umami flavor. Traditionally, the ham is used to flavor broth, add to stir fry, in rice dishes, as the base of XO sauce, or enjoy it on its own.

Lady Edison has released its new Jinhua style hamDating back to the Tang Dynasty, Jinhua Ham has been a specialty of the eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, where it has been cured for more than 1,000 years. Marco Polo discovered this process in the 13th century, during his travels through the Silk Road serving the Emperor, Kublai Khan, the release continued.

Upon returning to Europe and spending three years in a Genoa Prison, he dictated his adventures and created the famous book Il Milione, the Travels of Marco Polo. Naturally, the most important revelation of his endeavors was the process of salt curing Jinhua Ham.

Marco Polo introduced Jinhua ham to the Western World. Now the tradition continues today with Lady Edison.

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