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Laita's Gildas Cochennec Discusses Portfolio and Company Overview

Monday, July 8th, 2024

Butter and cheese are the talk of the town for fans of French dairy brand Laita. In a recent interview with Gildas Cochennec, Export Sales Director, we got an inside look at the company’s impressive operations.

Gildas Cochennec, Export Sales Director, Asia, Middle East, and Americas, Laita“We are a French corporation based in the West of France in Bretagne. We have seven factories within the region and we produce different products like butter, which is one of our main sellers in France,” Gildas began. “We also produce cheese, mostly Emmental, so hard cheese, and soft cheese like Brie and Camembert.”

Madame Loïk—another popular item within Laita’s portfolio—is a spreadable cheese featuring only three ingredients. It won the gold medal at the Concours General Agricole competition in France. Gildas explained that this product is very unique because its texture is highly rated and it's a very clean label item.

One of the company's staple offerings comes from its Madame Loïk brand. Pictured above is the brand's Whipped Cheese product “[Madame Loïk] is made in our region from a wheel collected in Bretagne. We collect the milk from different cows; these cows stay outside about 200 days per year, which is a lot, eating French grass because the climate of Bretagne is very reasonable,” Gildas continued. “It's never very hot and never very cold. So, we have a very high-quality milk.”

For more on the company, check out our exclusive video interview above.