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Laura Chenel Details Product Showcase; Kelley Levin Shares Insights

Friday, July 14th, 2023

Cheese innovations are always rolling through, and we’ve got our eyes on Laura Chenel. We stopped by to chat with Kelley Levin to learn more about the new goat cheeses hitting baskets.

Kelley Levin, Marketing Communications Manager, Laura ChenelWe’re excited about our newest fresh goat cheese log. It is a Mango Habanero, so it is a sweet heat,” Kelley, Marketing Communications Manager, shares. “It starts with this juicy sweet mango at the front, and you get that kick at then end with habanero. People are loving it, and we are so excited.”

A true marriage of sweet and spicy if we ever saw one! For your shoppers looking to get that savory flavor profile, the Sonoma, California-based cheesemaker has got you covered.

Laura Chenel is bringing consumers a perfect blend of sweet and spicy with its newest goat cheese log: Mango Habanero

“The Chèvre en Croute is our brand-new product. It’s going to be a seasonal item to start,” Kelley continues. “It is our fresh goat cheese that we add a little thyme and rosemary to. It gets wrapped in pastry and is a par-baked item, so it’s perfect for easy hosting.”

The supplier has also spotlighted its brand-new Chèvre en Croute, which is a fresh goat cheese complemented by the flavors of thyme and rosemary

Great as a gift or something to throw into the oven at the last minute, the new Chèvre en Croute is the ideal holiday item to stock shopping carts with.

Learn more from Kelley herself in the video above!

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