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Laura Genasci Discusses Fiscalini's Signature and Artisan Cheeses

Monday, February 24th, 2020

Our industry has been around the block a few times, which is why many of the leading providers in the deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods categories know that to stay on top, you can’t be afraid of a little innovation. With a couple of high-quality lines building off of its one-hundred-year-old legacy, Fiscalini Cheese Company is but one cheesemaker effectively keeping consumers engaged by innovating its staple cheese products.

I chatted with Laura Genasci, fourth generation Owner of Fiscalini Cheese Company, to find out more about the company’s innovative and timeless lines.

Laura Genasci, Owner, Fiscalini Cheese“We’re a hundred-year-old dairy farm that started making cheese about 20 years ago. So, we own all the cows and use the milk that we make on the farm to make cheese,” Laura shared with me. “It's a very small farmstead operation—very handmade, artisan style of making cheese. So, the products are very unique.”

Within Fiscalini’s unique product lineup are a collection of noteworthy Cheddars. Its Bandage Wrapped Cheddar, San Joaquin Gold, and its Lionza complete its Signature line—all of which are made with raw milk.

Fiscalini Cheese Company offers a Signature line made with raw milk and an Artisan Line made with pasteurized milk

“We also have our Artisan line, which is a Cheddar-based line with a lot of different flavors: Smoked; Habanero; our Purple Moon, which is soaked in wine; our Hopscotch, which is soaked in beer; and we've got a holiday flavor, Cranberry Habanero,” Laura explained. “And then a Horseradish Cheddar Spread…The Artisan Line is pasteurized milk products."

To hear more about how Fiscalini Cheese Company is innovating the Cheddar category, check out our exclusive video above. And be sure to keep a tab open for Deli Market News for more of the latest from our industry.

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