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Lilea Eshoo Discusses Rebranding Atoria's Family Bakery

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Although the Winter Fancy Food Show can feel overwhelming simply by sheer size, there are some companies that make you instantly feel at home. Atoria’s Family Bakery, with its warmth, on-trend products, and innovative spirit, is set to become a household staple—and turn that heartwarming, at-home feeling into an everyday experience for consumers. I spoke with Lilea Eshoo, Chief Operations Officer, to learn about why the bakery’s latest rebrand helps further that goal.

Lilea Eshoo, Chief Operations Officer, Atoria's Family Bakery“Formerly, we were California Lavash, but we’re now Atoria’s Family Bakery, named after my grandmother. She is at the heart of everything we do and now she’s the face of the company,” Lilea explained to me. “It’s her lavash recipe that inspired our flatbreads.”

The company produces lavash, naan, and pita, but Lilea was doubly excited to share with the Deli Market News team an exciting new launch.

All of Atoria's Family Bakery recipes use simple, clean, and easy to pronounce ingredients

“We’re launching our new Mini Lavash Flatbreads, which comes in Wholegrain and Flax Seed as well as Traditional. They’re one-of-a-kind items designed to be sold in the fridge alongside sliced meats and cheeses,” she noted. “Because our products are based on my grandmother’s family recipe, we’re proud that they are, to this day, still very pronounceable ingredients that we use. And in this day and age where people read the front and the back of the package, we’re really excited to be able to provide such a great item that can keep people feeding their family in great, healthy ways.”

Atoria's Family Bakery's new line of Mini Lavash Flatbreads are one-of-a-kind items, available in two flavors: Wholegrain & Flax Seed and Traditional

To learn more about Atoria’s high quality offerings, innovative cross-merchandising capabilities, and more, watch our exclusive interview above.

Atoria's Family Bakery