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Loblaw Launch Looks to Empower and Support New and Existing Small Suppliers; Per Bank and Ron Lemaire Comment

Loblaw Launch Looks to Empower and Support New and Existing Small Suppliers; Per Bank and Ron Lemaire Comment

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Thanks to the launch of Loblaw Companies Ltd’s newest program, Canada-based producers are gaining a boost in the market. Through its new Small Supplier Program, the retailer is providing increased support and resources to more than 1,000 existing Canadian suppliers.

Per Bank, President and Chief Executive Officer, Loblaw Companies Limited“Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, and the path to this country’s successful future,” said Per Bank, Loblaw’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Every day, we experience the terrific power of innovation in many family-owned, traditional, and local producers, and we want to assist their ability to develop new products and generate a truly diverse and inspirational range. By making the onboarding and retailing process easier for small businesses, our goal is to reduce their time and costs, to the benefit of all Canadian customers.”

This program, which launches in January 2024, is designed to empower and support new and existing small suppliers, helping their businesses thrive and reach more customers. As a press release noted, the program makes running a small business simpler. Loblaw is affording suppliers the opportunity to grow their businesses and ultimately provide consumers with greater choice.

Key highlights of Loblaw's Small Supplier Program include:

  • Faster payments
  • Dedicated small supplier support
  • Assistance for small suppliers
  • Six-month guaranteed listing period for new small suppliers

The retailer currently has an existing roster of over 1,000 small businesses; this includes growers, vintners, and product creators who fulfill customer demand for local favorites and freshness.

Loblaw is introducing a new Small Supplier Program, which will provide additional support and resources to more than a thousand existing Canadian suppliers

“Running and developing a small business includes plenty of hard work and lots of administration. Our Small Supplier Program provides a constructive, meaningful, and simple way for small suppliers who need it the most to get their products onto our shelves in order to thrive and flourish,” continued Bank.

How will this impactful program benefit suppliers across Canada? Stay tuned to find out!

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