Norseland - Snofrisk - Fresh spreadable cheese imported from Norway
ACS 2020 - Wanted - Large Chunk of Cheese - Highly Crumbly - Considered Delicious - If you have any information, report to Blazing the Trail for Cheese - Portland, OR - July 22 - 25, 2020

Marin French Cheese Co. at ACS 2012

Petaluma, CA Welcome to Shop Talk! On this episode, Maxx Sherman, Director of National Sales, Marin French Cheese Co., joins DeliMarketTV to share the company's extensive cheese knowledge and portfolio. The company offers soft ripened cheeses which include Brie and Camembert as well as a Bleu Brie cheese, a triple-cream cheese. Its all made by hand in small batches. The company is also one of the oldest cheese manufacturers in the United States, going on 147 years. The company holds onto its traditions and still uses the same buckets and forms that it did as far back as the 1960's. Marin French Cheese uses Jersey cow's milk which offers and nice nutty and buttery flavor as well as grassy and herbaceous notes. The milk is also California Milk, Mr. Sherman notes, so you cant go wrong.