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Marin French Cheese Co.'s Bonnie Kaufman Showcases Newest Product

Friday, July 28th, 2023

Boo! Did I scare you? I am ready to bring the thrills and chills of the fall season, as is Main French Cheese Co. As showcased by Bonnie Kaufman, Associate Brand Manager, the cheesemaker recently rolled out its new Petite Boo cheese.

Bonnie Kaufman, Associate Brand Manager, Marin French Cheese Co.“Marin French Cheese has a couple of products that we’re featuring. Number one is our Petite Boo. This is a brand-new release for us. It’s a Halloween-inspired holiday seasonal,” Bonnie explained. “We take our Petite Ash, which is an ash-coated Petite 4 oz triple cream brie, and we’ve added just a little bit of annatto for a fun, spooky pop of color.”

In addition to a stand-out portfolio of products, I asked Bonnie what sets Marin French apart as a California cheesemaker.

In celebration of Halloween, Marin French is spotlighting its new holiday seasonal Petite Boo variety

“We are the country’s oldest cheese company, so that’s definitely unique. We’ve been around since 1865, but we really like to think of ourselves as a hybrid of French tradition and California vision,” Bonnie said. “We’re making traditional French-inspired soft, ripened cheeses and infusing a little bit of Marin County coastal California, exciting adventurous spirit.”

Check out the video with Bonnie above, and keep clicking back to DMN.

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