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Marin French Cheese Grilling Brie

Get ready to spice up your grill this summer with Marin French Cheese’s new Grilling Brie.  This set includes an 8-ounce wheel of award-winning Traditional Brie and a custom cedar plank ready for the grill.Each set comes with your choice of 3 sweet and spicy flavor packets for a tasty topping:  Apricot Jalapeno, Apple Pecan, or Caramelized Onion.  All you have to do is unwrap the Brie; soak the plank; light the fire; and add the topping.  The sweet Brie will sizzle with smoky flavor as it becomes molten and aromatic.Make sure to have your favorite bread, sausage or vegetables on hand.  This warm cheese is ready for dunking.  Grilling Brie is a must have for a hot appetizer right off the grill.For more on Marin French Cheese's new Grilling Brie, click here.