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Maureen McDonnell Shares Olli Salumeria Updates, Highlighting Salamini and Antipasto Offerings

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Salami and sausage offerings are continuing to expand their hold on shoppers’ baskets and charcuterie offerings, and providers like Olli Salumeria do not disappoint. We caught up with Maureen McDonnell to find out the latest products hitting the specialty scene.

Maureen McDonnell, Director of Marketing, Olli Salumeria“We are showcasing a few of our sliced products as well as our newest product, our Salamini,” Maureen, the Director of Marketing for Olli Salumeria, tells us. “It’s made in our stilner [sic] style, and there will be about seven sticks per bag.”

The Salamini comes in flavors such as Classic, Smoked, Bourbon, and Pequin, which is the maker’s spicy flavor. All the Salamini products are shelf-stable and ready for snacking or cutting. Shoppers will also be drawn to these delicious products due to the company’s stance on healthier offerings.

“We are fully made here in the United States, which sets us apart. We really take our time to make sure it’s a high-quality product,” continued Maureen. “The other thing we are doing is taking out all the nitrates and preservatives to make this even healthier for people.”

Olli Salumeria is showcasing its newest products, including the recently launched Salamini offerings

With Thanksgiving coming up here in the States and Christmas following shortly after, Olli Salumeria’s products make for the perfect entertainment snack for the holidays.

“With everyone wanting to host now, we want to make hosting life a little easier, so we actually have some trays,” Maureen explained. “We have two that are all meat and also have some with olives and cheese. Our newest one has cheese curds, cornichons, and onions.”

The supplier’s Antipasto trays are welcoming a new SKU that includes cheese curds, cornichons, and onions

And with variety the spice of life, the new trays are sure to satisfy given the convenience and rise in charcuterie board trends this year.

To learn more about these products, check out our exclusive video above!

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