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McDonald's Announces New Vegan Meal

McDonald's Announces New Vegan Meal

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

You’ve heard it from us perhaps a hundred times, but plant-based options are here to stay. Sussing out consumer interest, McDonald’s launched a plant-based burger in Germany earlier this year, in addition to the McVegan Burger already available in Finland and Sweden. The clamor for vegan options has yet to die down, and McDonald’s responded by launching a new Veggie Dippers meal in the United Kingdom.

McDonald’s is launching a new Veggie Dippers meal in the United Kingdom

The new Dippers, which are vegan nuggets made from rice, red peppers, tomato pesto, and split peas and then fried in breadcrumbs, will be available starting January 2, 2020. According to a report from BBC News, the product will be fried separately from meat products—ensuring a fully vegan meal.

The move stems from increasing consumer demand in the United Kingdom for more vegan-friendly options at fast food chains. In the last 12 months, McDonald’s noted that it had seen an 80 percent uplift in consumers ordering vegetarian options.

Will this product cross the pond? We can only hope so! Deli Market News will continue to report the latest.