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noosa yoghurt Spotlights Drool-Worthy Products With  Tastes Like, Feels Like  Campaign; Clint Mickel and Nicole McDonagh Discuss

noosa yoghurt Spotlights Drool-Worthy Products With "Tastes Like, Feels Like" Campaign; Clint Mickel and Nicole McDonagh Discuss

Monday, April 25th, 2022

Frozen yogurt might be all the rage, but shoppers will soon be enamored with frozen yoghurt gelato once they spy it on your frosty shelves. noosa yoghurt is giving the ice cream category a tasty expansion as it revealed its newest Frozen Yoghurt Gelato.

Clint Mickel, Senior Marketing Director, Breakfast and Snacking, noosa yoghurt“When we decided to launch noosa into the ice cream category, we set out to bring dessert lovers something brand new: the first yoghurt gelato. Our decadent-tasting gelato has the wow flavor and indulgent taste noosa is known for, along with all the benefits of our wholesome yoghurt—with probiotics, real fruit, and no preservatives,” Clint Mickel, Senior Marketing Director, Breakfast and Snacking at noosa, commented. “It’s truly a permissible indulgence. Bringing together the best parts of whole milk noosa yoghurt and decadent gelato, we’ve created the ultimate taste experience that gives consumers the best of both worlds.”

In partnership with longtime creative partner and agency of record Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, noosa is delivering “permissible indulgence” with its wholesome noosa yoghurt and delicious velvety gelato. It is made with whole milk yoghurt and high-quality ingredients.

noosa yoghurt has entered the ice cream category with its newest Frozen Yoghurt Gelato

To bring the product to the masses, a new socially led campaign Tastes Like, Feels Like was recently launched with a 30-second spot that sits at the center of the initiative. From Chocolate Fudge and Sea Salt Caramel to Honey Vanilla Bean and Strawberries & Cream, the creative brings the unique flavor profile of this new line to life.

Nicole McDonagh, Group Creative Director, BSSP“The noosa yoghurt brand has always been delicious and one-of-a-kind, and their new Frozen Yoghurt Gelato is no different,” Nicole McDonagh, Group Creative Director at BSSP, stated. “We wanted to give our noosa fans something as unique and wonderfully unexpected as the gelato itself. And because the brand only uses the most wholesome ingredients, you can feel really good about indulging—in fact there are hundreds of insanely happy feelings that can happen. Just try it.”

Between June 7 and July 7, consumers can enter for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Colorado with a group of friends. The winner will enjoy a four-day, three-night Ultimate Recess experience worth $20k in the ultimate playground.

According to the release, Tastes Like, Feels Like will include paid efforts across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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