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Pierre Guérin Discusses Newest Belle Chevre Packaging in Exclusive Video

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Not long ago, we checked in with Pierre Guérin to discuss some of CHEVOO's latest brand growth. Now, the cheese industry expert is back again, this time with insights into the company's newly debuted Belle Chevre packaging.

Pierre Guérin, President and Co-Owner, Belle Chevre/CHEVOO"We are really excited to showcase for the first time our new packaging of Belle Chevre," said Pierre, President and Co-Owner of Belle Chevre/CHEVOO, as we discussed the innovative launch. "We repositioned it as a log in a cup; it's a more practical, less messy way to eat goat cheese and enjoy it."

As Pierre explains, this creative packaging development caters to a key consumer need for convenience and practicality.

Belle Chevre recently catered to consumer demand for convenience and practicality with its newly debuted log in a cup packaging

"Consumers have been telling us that the log packaging is the least practical…" notes Pierre. "This cup is the best way. We actually call it 'log in a cup.' We had to cross [out] the word 'log' so people wouldn't think there's an actual log in it, but it is a real success."

The extreme potential of this portfolio advancement is already showing promise, as Belle Chevre recently took home a sofi™ Award at the Summer Fancy Food Show. For more information, don’t forget to check out our exclusive video above!

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