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Pine River Pre-Pack's Mary Lindemann Highlights Innovative Cheese Spreads

Monday, July 25th, 2022

At Deli Market News, we are all about spreading the good in life. Whether it be love, happiness, or delicious, flavorful cheese, great things are meant to be spread around. This is exactly why consumers are flocking to Pine River Pre-Pack’s award-winning Cheese Spreads. Mary Lindemann, Marketing Director, recently gave us an exclusive look at this acclaimed lineup.

Mary Lindemann, Marketing Director, Pine River Pre-Pack“It is a cold pack cheese food, which is the highest level of cheese food you can make,” Mary shares. “It has the most dairy ingredients in it: Real cheese, butter, and whey...We use cheese that is nine months old and up to 16 months old, and we make a blend of those so that you always have that consistency of a smooth spread.”

In addition to delivering on flavor and convenience through this innovative cheese format, these products also boast an extensive shelf-life. As Mary explains, the provider offers gourmet spreads which require refrigeration and have a 395-day shelf life, as well as a shelf-stable option with a 600-day shelf-life, and another option with no preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors.

What’s that saying again about good things coming in threes?

Pine River Pre-Pack's award-winning Cheese Spreads feature innovative flavor pairings and an extensive shelf-life

And when it comes to flavor, Pine River’s Cheese Spreads are certainly not lacking.

“Our newest flavors are Mango Habanero, a sweet heat that is great to toss with rice and shrimp and vegetables, and then one of my new favorites is our Cranberry Cheddar. The cranberry is sweet, and the white Cheddar is an unbelievable balance.”

For a closer look at this unique lineup along with the single-serve options, don’t forget to watch our exclusive video above.

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