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Pretzel Pete Reveals New Sour Cream Habanero Pretzel Nuggets; Karl Brown Discusses

Pretzel Pete Reveals New Sour Cream Habanero Pretzel Nuggets; Karl Brown Discusses

Friday, June 18th, 2021

I’m a snacker—there's no denying it. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard Pretzel Pete would be launching its first-ever seasonal/limited edition item. Consumers will surely feel the same—snacker or not—when they hear that the next product to join the brand is Sour Cream Habanero Pretzel Nuggets.

Karl Brown, President and Founder, Pretzel Pete“The Sour Cream Habanero Nuggets marks the return of an old friend. This flavor was originally part of our nugget line, but when we rationalized our SKU count a number of years ago this item was dropped,” President and Founder, Karl Brown, says. “Since then we have received a constant barrage of consumer requests for its return. Clearly the unusual pairing of the creamy sour cream notes with the spiciness of the habanero resonated with certain customers. We wanted to do something for these devotees, and this limited edition is the result.”

This item, packed in 9 oz bags, has been launched on the company website and will soon be available on Amazon, as well as in select retailers.

Pretzel Pete has revealed the limited-edition return of its popular Sour Cream Habanero Pretzel Nuggets

According to a press release, Pretzel Pete’s factory is peanut-free, tree nut-free, and sesame-free. Its new items are always developed without compromising its core principles: No artificial flavors, no artificial flavor enhancers (like MSG), but “yes” on local ingredients.

Looking to spruce up the snack aisle this summer? Consider adding Pretzel Pete’s newest launch to your shelves.

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