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Prime Roots Launches New Meals Featuring Plant-Based Protein at Whole Foods

Prime Roots Launches New Meals Featuring Plant-Based Protein at Whole Foods

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

As a vegetarian, I love discovering companies that deliver delicious options for shoppers wanting to incorporate more plant-based offerings in their daily lives. Prime Roots is doing exactly that through its latest partnership with Whole Foods, which is now carrying its unique products in store.

Kimberlie Le, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Prime Roots"We are delighted to give our community and consumers a convenient delicious way to experience the superior quality and taste of Prime Roots meats and seafoods," commented Co-Founder and CEO, Kimberlie Le. "We are reimagining meat for people and the planet and excited to have mission-aligned partners including Whole Foods on our journey to making a more sustainable food system."

The products hitting Whole Foods’ shelves are chef-prepared and fresh plant-based meals that include Koji-based chicken, beef, and bacon. Meals can range from classics like "Bacon" Mac and Cheese to exciting, unique flavors and dishes like Prime Roots’ Hawaiian Shoyu Chicken, a press release explained.

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The natural Koji-based platform technology has helped Prime Roots create minimally-processed meals that offer high-quality taste and a more sustainable option for shoppers that are better tasting, better for you, and better for the environment. The meaty, umami-rich Koji is often found in haute-cuisines, the company noted, which helps deliver a no-compromise product with the texture and taste of meat.

Keep checking back in with Deli Market News as we share with the industry the latest in plant-based innovation.

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