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PS Seasoning Launches New Gourmet Seasonings for Spring

PS Seasoning Launches New Gourmet Seasonings for Spring

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Consumers are cooking more at home now, and your shoppers are eager to learn about new and different ways to elevate their creations. What better way to level up a dish than with some delicious seasoning blends? PS Seasoning is making full use of this cooking storm as it announced four new additions to its line of gourmet seasonings. The new seasoning blends, available in both shaker and grinder tops, are designed to elevate the home cooking experience.

Joe Hanni, President, PS Seasoning“With more people cooking at home, we wanted to create flavors that simplify the cooking process,” said Joe Hanni, President of PS Seasoning. “These new blends are designed to make everyday meals easy, flavorful, and fun. And that’s truly our goal here at PS.”

The new line of pre-mixed seasoning blends includes:

  • Bacon Bomb Jalapeño Hickory: This highly explosive blend of bacon flavor, spicy peppers, and hickory smoke create a flavor bomb that can be dropped on all your favorite dishes. This blend is vegan and gluten-free
  • Eloté Loco Street Corn Blend: This crazy blend of chili, parmesan, and lime will be like a food truck parked in your pantry. From tacos to street corn, each bite will be like a mariachi in your mouth
  • The Tailgater Ballpark Burger: A blend of beer, toasted onion, garlic, and robust pepper come together to form an all-star lineup of flavor. From the first pitch to the final bite, your dish will be sure to win the day
  • Citrus Smash Lemon Pepper Grinder: Your dishes will be a smash hit with this zesty blend of citrus and cracked pepper. This fresh-picked blend will leave your meats and veggies bursting with flavor. Available in our adjustable grinder cap

PS Seasoning has unveiled four new additions to its line of gourmet seasonings to elevate the home cooking experience

As noted in the release, the entire line of blends is made from quality ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and is gluten-free. With the wide range of flavors, consumers have plenty of options to choose from to incorporate into many favorite dishes including meat, seafood, stews, pasta and pizza dishes, and more.

Stephanie Neu, Manager of Research and Development, PS Seasoning“We’re seeing both comfort foods and international flavors on the rise this year,” said R&D Manager Stephanie Neu. “Our new product line elevates familiar flavors like bacon, as well as giving transportive flavors that allow customers to try something new from the comfort of home.”

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