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Red Apple Cheese Launches New Line

Red Apple Cheese Launches New Line

Friday, March 6th, 2020

For over 25 years, Red Apple Cheese has been bringing high-quality cheese to market. Recently, the company just launched its latest line of organic cheese, including organic Havarti, Fontina, and Gouda.

“Red Apple’s organic cheeses are made from the freshest, Grade-A, certified organic Wisconsin whole milk,” stated Nicole DiStasio, Sales and Marketing Manager, in a statement sent to Deli Market News. “These happy cows spend time outside in their pasture from April to November with outdoor access all year long. The organic dairy cows are rBGH/rBST free, as well as GMO free, being fed crops without synthetic pesticides and certified organic grains. Our organic dairy herds are self-contained with all of the cows, including calves, being organically raised from birth.”

For over 25 years, Red Apple Cheese has been bringing high-quality cheese to market

Red Apple Cheese’s facility began in 1878 by a local farmer who partnered with an experienced cheesemaker from Switzerland. From there, a tradition was born. Many of the 30 families who make up the company’s organic dairy farm collective have partnered with it for generations. Every dairy farmer within the collective treats their animals ethically, providing ample grazing space and living space in the beautiful hills and valleys of Southwest Wisconsin. As a group, they are proud of what they do and happy to comply with Red Apple’s high-quality standards.

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