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Richard Clothier Details FrieslandCampina Ivy's Reserve Cheddar and Wyke Farms Cheddar

Monday, July 24th, 2023

FrieslandCampina is shining a light on English classics, and we aren’t talking about literature. Recently, Richard Clothier, Managing Director of Wyke Farms in Somerset, England, pulled back the curtain for us on some of the company’s exciting Cheddar varieties.

Richard Clothier, Owner, Wyke Farms“This is the Ivy’s 18-month vintage Cheddar, named after my grandmother Ivy, that first wrote down the recipe 100 years ago,” says Richard, pointing out the uniquely eye-catching packaging. “So this is a full-flavored vintage Cheddar, with a sweet, creamy, nutty flavor. It's one of the first carbon-neutral cheddars in the whole world.”

Wyke Farms’ Somerset Cheddars are all made in England, eight miles from the town of Cheddar, where the cheese recipe was invented. Ivy’s is the flagship of the cheesemaker’s range.

FrieslandCampina highlighted the English Classics of its Wyke Farms Cheddar lineup

The brand’s 7 oz retail packs are available through FrieslandCampina. There is a range of ages from six months to 18 months.

To hear more about these classic English Cheddars, watch the exclusive video above.