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Rumiano Cheese Debuts Latest Cheese Products

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

At IDDBA, the show floor was almost a veritable sea of cheese. One might think that made it difficult to stand out, but Rumiano Cheese stood out all the same. I spoke with Jillian Casacca, Sales Team Member, to learn more about the company’s latest cheese line.

Jillian Casacca, Sales Team Member, Rumiano Cheese“The first three varieties in the line really exhibit the trends that we’ve identified. First in the lineup is Sriracha Jack, and that’s gotten amazing feedback,” Jillian told me. “We start with our really creamy Monterey Jack base and then add that really powerful, fun sriracha flavor. The next two varieties coming out are our Seoul Spice, which is a Korean BBQ flavor. Thirdly, we have our Island Fire Dance. It’s got our creamy Havarti base and then we add in that heat of habanero and a little sweetness with the mango chunks.”

One of the newest flavors, Sriracha Jack, is creamy and subtly spicy—perfect for incorporating into a variety of dishes

After trying each of these flavors, I can attest to how popular I believe this line will be. Each offers a unique flavor profile and is made from some of the finest dairy in Humboldt county.

As Jillian left me with, “You can really taste the quality and see the quality in the cheese.”

Amen to that! For more information on the line, watch our exclusive interview above.

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