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Salute Santé! Spotlights Grapeseed Oil; Valentin Humer and Grant MacPherson Detail

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Bitter, burnt cooking oils are a thing of the past thanks to Salute Santé! and its innovative method for producing grapeseed oil. Recently, the company’s Valentin Humer and Chef Grant MacPherson took a beat to share more exclusive details about the exciting offering.

Valentin Humer, Founder and President, Salute Santé!“We've developed the only presses in the world to make cold-pressed grapeseed oil. Most oils are actually solvent extracted," explains Valentin. "And there's another important thing, it's actually an oil from the fruit. So, therefore, it's a fruit oil; super healthy, delicious, and easy to cook with.”

As Chef MacPherson goes on to detail, it is perfect for emulsions, dressings, and so much more.

Salute Santé's innovative offerings are ideal for both foodservice, retail, and at-home applications

From foodservice to retail, the product will meet a wide variety of needs thanks to its different formats and flavors as well.

Grant MacPherson, Principal Chef, ScotchMyst

“For the chefs, it's pricing, which is for large production, fine dining. You have a little thing called the silver bullet, which is [for] cooking in a small restaurant,” says Chef MacPherson. “It's also for retail. So whether it's orange zest, lemon zest, truffle oil, it’s endless the amount of flavors and things that you can add to it.”

To hear more about this innovative offering, check out the exclusive video above.

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