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Savencia Cheese USA's David Issenberg Reveals New Products

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Our industry is a gift that keeps on giving! After experiencing Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 last month, I had the chance to witness firsthand the blood, sweat, and tears that those in deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty foods have poured into keeping consumers well-fed in style. Savencia Cheese USA is one such company that is innovating its award-winning product line as a means to showcase the limit does not exist when it comes to cheese ingenuity.

David Issenberg, Vice President of the B2B Channel, gave me the lowdown on the pride Savencia Cheese has with working with Atalanta and reveals a few of the new products we can expect to hit store shelves soon.

David Issenberg, Vice President B2B Channel, Savencia Cheese USA“We have a couple of new items, including our Dorothy’s Products…and this is an excellent story of a product that is unique in shape, it's unique in the story, and it's also unique in the flavor,” David shared with me. “We also have a Keep Dreaming and also a Come Back Cow.”

David explained that the Keep Dreaming product is ash-covered, which absorbs some of the cheese’s moisture, trapping in its unique earthy flavor. The Come Back Cow is a B-license cheese with a clean flavor. These two new products join a few of Savencia’s award-winners, which David was especially excited about.

Savencia Cheese USA's new Dorothy's products join its lineup of award-winning cheeses

“We have several award-winning cheeses that Savencia Cheese USA won. Recently, we won the World Cheese Championship for the Best Cheese in the World. That’s an award that comes around only every two years, and this is the first year a French cheese company ever won,” David said. “The cheese that won is an Esquirrou; it's a great product from the Basque Country, a sheep milk cheese.”

Savencia Cheese USA was the first French cheese company to take home the Best Cheese in the World award at the World Cheese Championship Contest

To find out more about Savencia Cheese Company, watch our exclusive interview above.

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