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Schaller & Weber’s Jeremy Schaller Details Newest Snack Stick Options

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

It was just a couple of months ago when Schaller & Weber first launched its Salami Sticks. Now, the specialty maven is putting the new products in the spotlight, and Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Schaller is here to share all the juicy details.

Jeremey Schaller, Chief Executive Officer, Schaller & Weber“We’re featuring our new snack sticks. We’re doing three new flavors—one with Mike’s Hot Honey, one with Hudson Whiskey, and one with Crown Maple,” Jeremy commented. “Based on the initial success of the sticks, it’s been a great launch, and I think it’s a really good balance.”

The Hudson Whiskey NY flavor was made for a whisky-bourbon-rye lover, as Jeremy explained. Additionally, the Crown Maple variety’s flat sweet flavor is perfect for young snackers. Finally, the Mike’s Hot Honey variety offers a spicy-sweet flavor, so there is something for everybody.

Schaller & Weber showcased its newest portfolio additions: Mike’s Hot Honey, Hudson Whiskey NY, and Crown Maple salami snack sticks

“The sticks you can find at Central Market stores; you can find them at Lunardi’s stores in California, Fairway in New York, and hopefully many many more retailers out there,” Jeremy concluded.

Be sure to check out the video above to hear all of Jeremy’s highlights. And for more product insights, keep watching the exclusive content from Deli Market News.

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