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Schuman Cheese Forges Partnership With Margot Fromages

Schuman Cheese Forges Partnership With Margot Fromages

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

It’s always a gouda day when I get the opportunity to try new cheese varieties, and Schuman Cheese never disappoints. At the Summer Fancy Food Show, Schuman Cheese announced an exclusive new partnership with Margot Fromages, one of the few private, family-owned companies specializing in the aging and ripening of Swiss Le Gruyère. And I, for one, am already fondue of it.

Ian Schuman, Specialty Cheese Business Manager, Schuman CHeese“We pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customers’ demands for some of the world’s greatest cheeses, but we also challenge ourselves to continue building our inventory and finding new ways to celebrate exceptional cheese,” said Ian Schuman, a fourth-generation family member who leads the specialty cheese business unit.

The line of superior Margot Le Gruyère cheese is aged for 5 to 12 months in the humid and mineral-rich Margot Cave under the watchful eye of the cave masters who determine when each wheel has aged to perfection. Creamy and mild, the cheese gets its distinctive aroma and texture while chilling in this cave, but a more complex, salty, and earthy flavor develops the longer it ages. This amount of care and attention deserves the best kind of service, and Schuman Cheese was able to make the cut.

Schuman Cheese announced an exclusive new partnership with Margot Fromages

“The Margot family was incredibly, and understandably, selective about the partner they chose to share their cheese on a larger scale,” Schuman said. “The synergies in everything from our approach to businesses to our shared love of hockey made it a natural evolution, and we’re honored to be the family with the privilege of introducing this incredible, authentic, high-end Gruyère to the U.S. market.”

CEO Neal Schuman, who spent time making Gruyère in Switzerland, couldn’t have been more ecstatic to have one of his personal cheese favorites under the Schuman Cheese arsenal. This world-class cheese will be available in 6-, 10-, and 12-month quarters (20 pounds each), with king cuts (4.5 pound loaves) the first to be offered. Depending on consumer demands—which undoubtedly will be high—new varieties could become available.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be out scouring for this new cheese in my area.

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