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Shaft's Cheese & Co.'s Andrea Whitfield Details Portfolio Showcase

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

With another Winter Fancy Food Show in the books, it is exciting to share the great connections made and products sampled on the show floor. One stop that did not disappoint was the Shaft’s Cheese & Co. booth, where Andrea Whitfield shared not only flavor-packed offerings, but insights on the cheesemaker and its lineup as well.

Andrea Whitfield, Marketing Director and Owner, Shaft’s Cheese & Co.“…we’re known for our aged cheeses. We have a One Year, a Two Year, and then our Serendipity, which is an aged cheddar and blue cheese,” Andrea, Marketing Director and Owner, started off telling us, touching on the aging process that Shaft’s Cheese & Co. is known for.

But the star of the day was the cheesemaker’s blue cheese-stuffed olives. Available in a retail pack of 15 olives, they stand out in the deli department because they are brineless and feature Shaft’s mouth-watering, tangy One Year blue cheese.

Shaft’s Cheese & Co. showed up and out at Winter Fancy Food Show this year, highlighting its blue cheese-stuffed olives among its flavor-packed offerings

These olives were not all that Andrea shared, though. As we enjoyed the delicious item, she explained what differentiates Shaft’s Cheese from other companies in the dairy sector.

“We’re actually Wisconsin milk but with our California craft,” she explained. “So, I think it makes us interesting in that regard. I think what sets us apart is the aging process. A lot of people are not always big blue cheese lovers, but when they try our aged product, we convert a lot of non-blue people to blue.”

To top off this meeting, Andrea did say that Shaft’s has some other new products in the pipeline but kept tight-lipped.

Watch the exclusive video above to see what else she had to share.

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