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St. Pierre's David Wagstaff Discusses Portfolio and Brand Differentiation

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

A feast for the eyes and a treat for the tongue—that’s the experience that attendees recall when walking the hallowed halls of trade shows. After two years away, getting back to the innovations and industry connection we were missing before felt like a dream. In the dreamscape with us was none other than St. Pierre, who walked us through its product lineup and more.

We had a chance to speak with David Wagstaff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to learn more.

David Wagstaff, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, St. Pierre“We have the best quality and consistency you can get in Brioche,” he began, detailing why St. Pierre has the expertise necessary for a product that entices consumers. “[St. Pierre] win[s] out all of the time on taste, the experience, the quality, [and the] zero wastage—whether that’s for our customers or for our shoppers.”

Brand loyalty is another component to the St. Pierre experience, as David explained to us. It’s not enough to get your product into the basket; shoppers need to want to do so again and again.

St. Pierre recently walked us through its product innovations, including its Belgian Waffles

“I think people also start to see it as more of a lifestyle aspirational product. We have a 77 percent branded share of the in-store bakery. We’re looking at items that can kind of extend out of that,” David noted.

Such products include dinner rolls and pretzel products, but if you need to learn more, be sure to watch the exclusive video above!

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St. Pierre