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Sysco Expanding Jacksonville Facility, Issued $11M Dollar Permit

Sysco Expanding Jacksonville Facility, Issued $11M Dollar Permit

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

It isn’t every day that you hear about facility expansions, so we here at the Deli Market News office often get excited when we do! Naturally, our response to Sysco’s expansions plans was instant intrigue. The foodservice giant recently received a permit to build the $11-million-dollar expansion to its Northwest Jacksonville facility. This building is for Sysco International Food Group.

The project includes an expansion of the cooler, freezer, and dry warehouse, according to a report from the Jacksonville Daily Record. There are also plans to add a cold dock and expand the main office. In its entirety, the new project comes out to 114,643 square feet.

Sysco's project will expand the cooler, freezer, and dry warehouse

As we reported earlier in April of this year, Sysco has been snapping up local distributors. Will this new facility require the foodservice company to look for additional assets? Deli Market News will continue to report on the latest.