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Three Trees® Introduces New Unique Flavors

Three Trees® Introduces New Unique Flavors

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Regular milk? So 2000-and-late! Joking aside, it’s time for cow milk to step back and make way for the ultra-trendy plant-based milks. And when I’m talking plant-based milks, I’m thinking way beyond soy or almond milk, and so is Three Trees, with the introduction of two new products: Pistachio Nutmilk and Black Sesame Nut and Seedmilk.

Jenny Eu, Founder, Three Trees“We knew we wanted to add to our portfolio, but we wanted new varieties to be unique and different from what’s already out there,” Jenny Eu, Founder of Three Trees, commented in a press release. “So we took our time, and developed new products that are truly special and will provide our customers with even more nourishing plant-milk options that are simple and delicious.”

Chock-full of organic nuts and seeds, these new flavors contain no preservatives, gums, or anything artificial. The Pistachio Nutmilk is made with only five ingredients including, of course, organic pistachios. Touting a rich, buttery flavor, Pistachio Nutmilk would be right at home in a bowl of cereal, chai tea, added to baked goods, or even on its own!

Three Trees has introduced two new products: Pistachio Nutmilk and Black Sesame Nut and Seedmilk

The luscious Black Sesame Nut and Seedmilk is made with organic almonds, organic black sesame seeds, and organic dates that add a natural hint of sweetness. Extra thick and creamy, the Black Sesame flavor offers a bold, dark, toasty flavor that would be stellar in smoothies, baked into cookies, or all on its own.

The flavor isn’t all that’s new, as Three Trees has recently revamped its packaging. All four flavors, including flagship products Original Almondmilk and Vanilla Bean Almondmilk, are now available in a newly-designed-28-ounce bottle. The repackaging decision was based on consumer feedback indicating that the price for the Original Almondmilk and Vanilla Bean Almondmilk was too high. The lower price will more easily entice consumers who desire great-tasting foods that are healthy and better for the environment.

Three Trees Almondmilks are available now in natural foods stores and grocery stores across the nation, including select Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Central Market, Gelson’s, New Season’s, Mom’s, and PCC for a suggested retail price of $6.99 per bottle.

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