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Tillamook Introduces Tillamookies and Tillabars

TILLAMOOK, ORTillamook Dairy is not just cheeses and sharp flavors. This company has a sweet tooth, emphasized by its latest releases and those coming up. We met with Product Development Specialist Candy Butler at the Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco to discuss what’s new with Tillamook Dairy.“We work to get all of the new products out and feed you delicious things!” Butler tells DeliMarket TV, going into sugar-filled details of various combinations the company has come up with to complement these latest goodies.The new products include Tillamookies, the company's personal spin on classic ice cream sandwiches. Tillabars are another new item, with flavors like Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, as well as three new ice cream flavors coming out soon.For details on all these tasty treats, check out the video above.Tillamook Dairy