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Trimona Foods Launches New Bulgarian-Style Yogurt

Trimona Foods Launches New Bulgarian-Style Yogurt

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Yogurts have long been hanging out at Camp Superfood, and Trimona Foods latest launch only strengthens this assertion. Its new line of Superfood yogurts is filled with billions of vital probiotics, 5,000 milligrams of superfoods, Proviotic (a powerful pathogen inhibitor), and no added sugar.

Atanas Valev, Founder and Chief Yogurt Officer, Trimona Foods"Yogurt consumers have been looking for healthy, no-added-sugar alternatives for a while," said Atanas Valev, Founder and Chief Yogurt Officer. "We have been working on these products for almost two years and are delighted with the result. Our products combine the healthy benefits of our non-strained, grass-fed organic yogurt and superfoods (like matcha, maca, spirulina, chlorella turmeric, ginger, and others). We'd like to think of our new line as Yogurt 2.0. It is arguably the healthiest yogurt snack in the market. It is a truly innovative line of products that will bring incremental sales to the yogurt isle.”

According to a press release, Trimona has debuted three new Trimona Superfoods products at Whole Foods and other stores in the Eastern U.S. These include:

  • Protect (Acai + Beets)
  • Refresh (Matcha + Maca)
  • Revive (Turmeric + Ginger)

Trimona Foods recently launched its new Superfood yogurt line in varieties of Protect, Refresh, and Revive

The Bulgarian yogurt line will be supported by a series of marketing and promotion campaigns, with a focus on social media and consumer promotion. Keto-friendly, made with A2A2 grass- and herb-fed organic milk, these yogurts may not even need the social media backing behind them—they may just sell themselves!

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