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Trinity Fruit Company Lauds Benefits of SweetHearts Snacks

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Pushing the envelope forward is what our industry is all about. Whether it be through new products, packaging, or strategies, companies across the deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty food space are doing all they can to keep innovation at an all-time high and the industry as a whole always in a forward motion. For Trinity Fruit Company, this means diving feet first into the snacks category with a new healthy product.

I chatted with Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, on the Winter Fancy Food Show floor, to find out more about Trinity Fruit Company’s latest line-up addition.

Angela Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Trinity Fruit Company“We are featuring our dried pomegranate product, it’s a new product that we’re trying to push to consumers,” Angela said, pointing me to the company’s new Sweetheart item. “We have a 1 oz., which is another snack alternative, and then we have a 2 oz. that’s good for salad toppings.”

The size of the Sweetheart’s packaging makes it versatile in its applications. While perfect in a traditional snacking format for the end consumer—on-the-go, grab-and-go, go go go­—the dried pomegranates can also be merchandised as a home chef innovation alongside granola, yogurt, and parfaits.

Trinity Fruit Company's SweetHearts in the Black 2 oz. bags

It’s all natural, nothing added to it. It’s healthy, high in fibers, and it’s just another way to enjoy pomegranate,” Angela continued. “The response has been really great—people have been really surprised that we’re able to dehydrate pomegranates and so that’s really great to hear.”

To hear more from Angela about Trinity Fruit Company, watch our exclusive video interview above.

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