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TRUFF Debuts New Product; Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni Share

TRUFF Debuts New Product; Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni Share

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Elegance meets spice in a brand new launch from TRUFF. Taking the stage in the sauce category is White HOTTER, TRUFF’s latest iteration to bring the flavor profile consumers love from White Truffle Hot Sauce to a luxurious, spicier level.

“We wanted to challenge ourselves to blend the delicate flavor of white truffles and red peppers, and it resulted in a distinct and elegant hot sauce that offers a bit of sweet and extra heat in every bite,” comments Nick Guillen, one of the Co-Founders and Co-Chief Executive Officer of TRUFF.

Debuting its latest heat-seeker satisfyer, TRUFF’s new White HOTTER combines the delicate flavor of white truffles with a fiery infusion of spices to create a distinct and elegant hot sauce

TRUFF bottles the perfect balance of delicate white truffle notes with just the right bit of sweet to match the heat consumers crave. The fiery infusion of spices enhances the unique attributes of rare white truffles, creating a symphony of flavors in every dish from fries and burgers to mac and cheese and pasta. Every bottle is packaged in a special-edition red and white VIP box that makes every purchase a premium impulse buy.

“White HOTTER is a hot sauce for the heat-seekers, however, we always put our commitment to flavor front and center,” Nick Ajluni, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of TRUFF, tells me. “That means customers still get the nuanced depth of white truffle flavor balanced by a craveable heat. We think it’s truly the pinnacle of the heat experience.”

The new White HOTTER joins TRUFF’s extensive lineup of premium and truffle-infused sauces, which includes oil, pasta sauce, mayonnaise, and hot sauce

The brand’s original White TRUFF is already a popular go-to amongst celebrities and chefs alike. Loved by fellow foodies like Oprah, Martha Stewart, Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Tyler Florence, and Chef Michael Voltaggio, celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Michael Strahan, Dave Chappelle, and Holly Madison have also shown their eclectic pursuit for the spicy sauce. With a hotter take on the market, consumers are sure to be reaching for this resplendent white box in no time. As an avid heat-seeker myself, having just one bottle isn’t enough.

Now available on TRUFF’s site and Amazon, the new White HOTTER Sauce is sold in 6 oz bottles for $34.99. The new product joins TRUFF’s decadent portfolio of truffle-infused flavor-enhancers, such as oil, pasta sauce, mayo, and hot sauce.

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