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Undercover Snacks Expands Nationally Into Kroger and Wegmans Food Markets

Undercover Snacks Expands Nationally Into Kroger and Wegmans Food Markets

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Certain names bring a power of association throughout our industry. Kroger and Wegmans, both known to awaken a loyal following and set a high bar for what they will distribute, have both welcomed Undercover Snacks to their offerings.

Diana Levy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Undercover Snacks"Expanding our availability in both Kroger and Wegmans aligns with our strategy to grow our retailer and customer base," said Diana Levy, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Undercover Snacks. "The global gluten-free products market is expected to reach approximately USD $10 billion by 2027 and we're excited to help meet increasing customer demand with our gluten-free, allergy-friendly, peanut/tree nut-free snacks."

Undercover Snacks has quietly built itself on being a tasty chocolate offering that is actually good for consumers. Now available in nearly 1,000 Kroger locations total nationwide and all Wegmans Food Markets, which totals over 100, this expansion rapidly grows the brand's retail footprint and positions the company for accelerated distribution, according to a press release.

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The news joins a string of growth for Undercover Snacks, which are now not only available in the two powerhouse store chains, but also CVS HealthHUB locations along with all UNFI distribution centers nationwide as of earlier this year.

All Undercover Snacks' products are allergy-friendly and school safe, founded by Levy, a health-conscious chocoholic and mom of three daughters—two of whom were diagnosed with celiac disease. Since starting from her kitchen, Levy has seen her project grow to a 14,000-square-foot manufacturing facility she helped engineer.

Formally launched in 2017, this certainly seems like a brand to keep an eye on!

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