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US Foods Announces Agreement to Acquire Saladino’s Foodservice; Dave Flitman and Craig Saladino Discuss

US Foods Announces Agreement to Acquire Saladino’s Foodservice; Dave Flitman and Craig Saladino Discuss

Friday, November 10th, 2023

We here at Deli Market News are kicking this week off with news of an acquisition. US Foods recently announced that it will acquire broadline distributor Saladino’s Foodservice in an effort to grow its reach across central California.

Dave Flitman, Chief Executive Officer, US Foods“We look forward to bringing Saladino’s Foodservice’s operations to US Foods to further enable future growth and service to customers across the central California region,” said Dave Flitman, US Foods’ Chief Executive Officer. “Saladino’s has a strong reputation for bringing value to their customers, and we look forward to welcoming the highly experienced Saladino’s team to US Foods at close.”

Tuck-in acquisitions, such as that of Renzi Foodservice and Saladino’s Foodservice, are a key part of US Foods’ ongoing commitment to drive shareholder value and support the company’s growth strategy. This most recent acquisition will be the second for the company this year under the leadership of Flitman.

US Foods will acquire broadline distributor Saladino’s Foodservice to further expand its reach into key areas of central California

According to a press release, Saladino’s Foodservice is an independently owned California-based foodservice distributor with more than $600 million in annual revenue and more than 4,000 customers across California.

“After more than 75 years supporting foodservice operators across central California, we couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with US Foods—a decision that supports our growth as a company and presents a promising future not only for Saladino’s, but for our more than 500 employees and growing number of valued customers,” Craig Saladino, President and CEO, Saladino’s Foodservice. “We look forward to this next phase and are grateful for the Saladino’s community who has continued to support the business with loyalty, excellence, and pride.”

The acquisition is expected to close in December 2023, although the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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