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Venus Wafers Debuts Modern Packaging and Newest Flavors for CäPeachio’s Crackers; James Anderko Details

Venus Wafers Debuts Modern Packaging and Newest Flavors for CäPeachio’s Crackers; James Anderko Details

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

A long-awaited reveal has come across our news desk in the form of Venus Wafers. The cracker brand is livening up retail shelves with the release of its updated product packaging—across its board of offerings. Starting with its CäPeachio’s Crackers, Venus Wafers announced a brand refresh alongside two new flavors.

James Anderko, Vice President of Sales, Venus Wafers“CäPeachio’s has always been a brand that keeps up with the times,” said James Anderko, Vice President of Sales. “While the crackers themselves are timeless, it’s important to us that the packaging continues to attract the modern customer.”

Venus Wafers’ CäPeachio is best known for its simple and delicious all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher water crackers that have long been hors d’oeuvres mainstays. The brand refresh is part of a company-wide initiative to update product packaging. It includes all-new photography of this elegant and simple cracker with new toppings. The deeper, more vibrant color palette is coupled with subtle patterns and highlights the range of flavors of the old-world-style cracker.

Setting out to appeal to the modern consumer, Venus Wafers has announced a brand refresh for its CäPeachio’s Crackers, alongside two new flavors

According to the release, the two new flavors, Ancient Grains and Classic Goldens, will soon be available. Ancient Grains features a blend of sesame seeds, chives, minced garlic, and onion, while the Classic Goldens offers a round, lightly salty cracker for all occasions.

“The new flavors and updated packaging underscore our commitment to staying relevant and connected with the modern shopper, without sacrificing the quality snacks we’re known for,” said Anderko.

The cracker giant has undergone a recent push to update product packaging across the board, having announced updated branding for its Mariner cracker brand, as well.

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