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Vermont Creamery Debuts New Goat Cheese Dip

Monday, January 27th, 2020

The Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) expo floor had no shortage of wonders to behold. Attendees couldn’t turn around without running into something new and exciting, and while all were marvelous, some products rose to the top. Vermont Creamery is not new to outside-the-box products and inventive flavors. Now, the cheesemaker has found a new way to deliver its exceptional goat’s milk cheese with extra flair by introducing its new Goat Cheese Dip. As I ogled the new offering, I ran into Kate Paine, Director of Marketing, who revealed what makes its new Goat Cheese Dips so special.

Kate Paine, Director of Marketing, Vermont Creamery“Our newest innovation, which is launching this year, is a fresh goat dip. It's available in three flavors, classic, red pepper and lemon, and garlic and herb. These are super exciting because they take flavors just beyond the expected,” she said.

With 35 years of history behind it and its commitment to making the world a better place, Vermont Creamery has become a highly-respected cheesemaker in the industry. It has cultivated an impressive portfolio of cheeses and dairy products, including goat cheeses, aged cheeses, and butter. And while its classic stable of products still draws in crowds, the new Goat Cheese Dips address a space in the market for consumers looking for something different.

Vermont Creamery keeps innovation moving with its new goat cheese dip, available in Classic, Red Pepper and Lemon, and Garlic and Herb

“We see the dips playing really well because dips are in need of just a little bit of innovation, and that next flavor portfolio piece,” Kate commented. “So, you have this creamy goat dip base—it really peaks the interest of consumers—and they got these flavors that make it a really interesting eating experience.”

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