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Veroni USA's Emanuela Bigi Discusses Snack Line and Recent Product Launches

Friday, February 10th, 2023

Meeting at the crossroads of sustainability and deliciousness is a delicate balance industry members strive for, and it’s one challenge that Veroni USA rose up to. We recently caught up with the company to learn more about its newest innovations and items added to its portfolio.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni USA“We created a new craft paper line for our mega platters. This line is 75 percent less plastic than the normal one,” Emanuela Bigi, the Marketing Officer, shared with the DMN team. “It’s also very nice; you can just open a tray, put all the charcuterie on the table, and enjoy it with friends.

New packaging begets new items, as the charcuterie provider revealed new additions to the portfolio.

Veroni USA recently rolled out a new craft paper line for its mega platters, which uses 75 percent less plastic than the normal one

“And we added some new items to our new snack line,” Emanuela continued. “Our focus is to educate the U.S. consumer and enjoy the charcuterie paired with some different stuff. For example, with different kinds of cheese or dried fruits.”

Contained in smaller packaging, shoppers will be drawn to the ease of use and convenience when on the go—a little charcuterie time while in the car or out exploring. For shoppers looking to entertain at home without the need for prep work, Veroni has introduced Sliced Salame offerings to meet the needs of any entertainer in a pinch.

The charcuterie provider has also bolstered its Snack line, introducing its new Sliced Salame offerings

“We would like the consumer to enjoy the charcuterie in a very easy way, so we prepared this salami that is already peeled and already sliced,” said Emanuela. “It’s very small, so you can eat it in one or two bites. And we are seeing consumers that are enjoying real imported Italian charcuterie.”

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