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Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Discusses New Video Tutorial Series

Veroni's Emanuela Bigi Discusses New Video Tutorial Series

Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Consumers looking to infuse their everyday eating occasions with Italian tradition are in luck. Veroni recently released a video tutorial series to help consumers learn the art of Italian-style charcuterie. “Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch!" shows how to make a creative board just with the AperiTime line, Veroni’s most successful product in the United States.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni"The goal of this campaign is not only speaking to foodies who are on a hunt for the latest food trends, but also reaching those who don't like cooking but still want to impress their guests by following a few simple tips. Our reels are cooking-friendly and will be very good options for youngsters who are taking their first steps in the kitchen. The project was created to hop on a viral trend that has thrilled millions of American social media users and making it our own," comments Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager. "The added unique value of the content created can be found in our Italian DNA, the Italian touch in terms of style and taste that we are known worldwide for."

According to a press release, the video focuses on the company's U.S. best-selling line, which offers a kit of mixed goods including cured meats, cheese, olives, dried fruit, breadsticks, and everything consumers need to make a DIY appetizer.

Veroni recently released a video tutorial series to help consumers learn the art of Italian-style charcuterie

This content is part of the video tutorial series aimed at helping people learn or master the art of charcuterie board crafting. The campaign’s goal is to let Veroni’s followers hop on one of the most popular food trends in recent years.

The multichannel campaign is available on both the company's U.S. social media and Italian accounts, from Instagram to Facebook, via Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube, and finally on the company's websites. To complete the video series, the spring charcuterie board plays on the artistic and chromatic juxtaposition of cheese, vegetables, and fresh and dried fruits to create designs and geometric shapes.

The Happy Birthday Charcuterie board to follow is designed to celebrate in the tastiest way, while the last one, Discover the Taste of Italy, is the board that acknowledges and highlights the excellence of cured meats from Emilia-Romagna.

With social media holding a heavy influence on consumer demands, this campaign is sure to keep Veroni front of mind.