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Z Crackers' Founder Details Product Line

Z Crackers' Founder Details Product Line

Monday, September 16th, 2019

Sometimes the serendipity of a moment doesn’t immediately strike us. For Keith and Pam Pollack, who began crafting pizza—“savory pies”—in the 80s, this moment would come when both realized their pizza crust could be transformed into a cracker. Crunchy, addictive, delicious, and healthy to boot, Z Crackers have some serious bite that health-conscious foodies will scramble to get. I spoke with Pam about the transformation of the snacking sector and how Z Crackers fits into the current food trends.

Pam Pollack, Co-Owner and Chief Designer, Z Crackers“Since Z Crackers were born, more people are snacking on crackers,” Pam shared with me. “The artisan cracker has become a staple in many homes as consumers are looking for whole grain snacks and healthy alternatives to chips."

Made with cornmeal, wheat bran, and olive oil, the crackers are notoriously scrumptious—even amongst celebrities. Both Bobby Flay and Oprah have toasted to their goodness, exclaiming “What more could you want in a cracker?”, and “Bet you can’t eat just ten!” respectively. Versatile enough to be paired with cheese, hummus, salsa, honey, or melted chocolate, the cross-merchandising opportunities for these crackers are abundant.

Z Crackers' bright and colorful packaging stands out on retail shelves

“Served with martinis or marshmallows, you’ll have fun when you’re eating Z Crackers,” Pam remarked, and I have no doubt she’s telling the truth.

The company’s bright and colorful packaging attests to this culture of fun surrounding Z Crackers. Each package stands out on retail shelves, making for eye-catching displays in any deli, specialty foods, or cheese department.

Z Crackers are made with cornmeal, wheat bran, and olive oil

“We’d love to have Z Crackers available in more and more stores across the country,” Pam concluded, as our conversation swung around to future goals. “Ideally? We’d love for Z’s to be available to anyone and everyone in the United States.”

With flavor and crunch at its back, there’s no doubt in my mind that Z’s Crackers will succeed.

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