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Bakerly Brings French-Inspired Snacks to U.S. Markets

Bakerly Brings French-Inspired Snacks to U.S. Markets

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

Keeping its focus on French cuisine, Bakerly LLC has more in mind than just delivering tasty treats to American markets; the company has set its sights on engineering a new category to the snacking world in its all-natural bakery snacks.

Bakerly stated in a press release that the company aims “to make their French-inspired bakery snacks an everyday American favorite,” through the French baking and cooking expertise of its founders, Julien and Fabian.

To get an eye on these innovative products, peep the list below!


The popular French cuisine that Americans may recognize as flavor-filled “skinny pancakes.” Available with either chocolate or strawberry filling.

Bakerly Croissants


A bakery favorite, with a chocolate filling, but in convenient and ready-to-go packaging. 

Mini Brioches

Sweet rolls cultivated from specific French baking techniques, filled with chunks of chocolate.

Sponge Cake 

No surprise here to the general American consumer, but test out the French take on the classic with choices between apricot, chocolate, and strawberry. 

Throughout its range of products, Bakerly boasts only natural ingredients with no added preservatives, hydrogenated oils, rBST, or GMOs. The company stated this mission is supported through the farmers who cultivate its ingredients and fillings.

Bakerly’s products are available now, nationwide. Find them here!