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Cheetos Unveils New Luxury Line

Cheetos Unveils New Luxury Line

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Cheetos Crunchy Cheedar, Flamin’ Hot, and…Cheeteau Perfume? The Frito Lays’ Cheeto line just got spicier in a whole new way. The brand announced that it has just launched a new retail online shop with a stunning line-up of luxury items.

Jeannie Cho, Vice President of Marketing, Frito-Lay“Chester Cheetah’s exquisite ‘paw-manship’ is on display throughout the seriously stylish, seriously for sale, collection that will wow your friends and family with gifts they didn’t even realize they have to have–until now,” said Jeannie Cho, Vice President of Marketing, Frito-Lay.

This collection line is sure to snag the consumers eye not only with its rounded selection, but eye-catching appeal and plain curiosity at its new and elegant offerings. Some of my favorite items from the list, either to try myself or for those Cheetos lovers I know sure to want more than just Cheetos dust on their fingers: 

    • Cheeteau Perfume: Featuring hand-extracted cheese oils to embody the Cheetos aroma and ultimate allure, $18.99 
    • Eye of the Cheetah Jewelry: An 18k yellow gold ring and 4.7 carat orange sapphire, with more than 190 black and white diamonds, $20,000.00 
    • Chester Cheetah’s Cheesy Cuffs: Small molds of Chester Cheetah’s paws to adorn the fanciest attire, $69.00

The full line is tailored towards the adult consumer, and the elegant taste sure to spark some taste buds. Some items, such as the Flamin’ Hot® Pants have already sold out of the online store.

Cheetos is getting into the full fashion fun of the line with the release of a holiday book, showcasing the new line and giving consumers further gift ideas than just the popular snack. 

The line launched last week with all selections available for purchase, while supplies last, throughout the holidays.

How far would you take your Cheetos love? Click through the Chester Cheetos® online store here to find out. 

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