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Pan's Mushroom Jerky Expands Distribution Footprint

Pan's Mushroom Jerky Expands Distribution Footprint

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

There are two eras: Before Mushroom Jerky (BMJ) and After Mushroom Jerky (AMJ), which can be applied to both the sensory experience of trying mushroom jerky for the first time and the present era as mushroom jerky continues its reign as a snacking sensation. Featured on the TODAY Show as a trending product from the Summer Fancy Food Show, as well as in Cooking Light and Martha Stewart Magazine, if you didn’t know about the deliciousness, convenience, and innovation of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky before, there’s no way you’re escaping it now.

Michael Pan, Founder, Pan's Mushroom JerkyIt feels like just yesterday I chatted with Michael Pan, Founder of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, but in actuality months have passed, and in that, albeit short time, the company has rocketed its products into grocery and convenience stores around the country. I touch base with Michael to learn more about the company’s expansion and to get a taste of Pan’s latest success.

“We’ve generated a buzz on social media and at industry food shows, which we’re very grateful for. As a result, we’ve built a larger footprint through partnerships with larger regional chains, like Erewhon in Los Angeles, DiBruno’s in Philadelphia, Natural Grocers in the Midwest, and MOM’s Market on the East Coast, and we continue to get new retail partners every day. It also helps that everyone is curious to find out what Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is!” Michael tells me.

Along with expanding its retail network to include more stores, the company also launched its new brand, with updates on its website and packaging, which interested parties can check out here. The brand includes new, meat-free, soy-free, kosher, paleo-friendly, and delicious flavors, like Original, Salt & Pepper, Applewood BBQ, and Zesty Thai.

Jerky isn’t just for carnivores anymore; Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is a meat-free, soy-free, kosher, and paleo-friendly alternative

“Market response has been extremely positive. Our sales are increasing from both retailers and online orders. It is very satisfying to sample our jerky with consumers and hear that they love it,” Michael says. “We’re continuing to manufacture in our facility located in Portland, Oregon, and we’ve spent the past few months updating our equipment to scale to accommodate larger orders. We’ve even hired more people to help us increase production. We’re growing, and we're excited to continue rolling out to more stores across the country.”

Jerky isn’t just for carnivores anymore, and if you don’t have Pan’s Mushroom Jerky on your shelves—or even in your pockets for a quick snack—trust me when I tell you that you’re missing out.

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Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Norseland - Jarlsberg - Best Premium Specialty Cheese Brands - Best in class - IDDBA Booth 2156Veroni - Authentic, traditional salumi imported from Italy

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