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Stiritup Launches Shelf-Stable Hummustir; Tamar Mendelsohn Discusses

Stiritup Launches Shelf-Stable Hummustir; Tamar Mendelsohn Discusses

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Convenience is changing the nature of snacking, with more on-the-go options specifically designed for ease of use and ultimate enjoyment. While hummus has long held its own as a refrigerated snack option, Stiritup is making the jump from the refrigerated section and out to the realm of shelf-stable with its new healthy and transportable hummustir.

I spoke with Stiritup’s Sales Director Tamar Mendelsohn to learn more about the product launch and its innovative packaging.

Tamar Mendelsohn, Sales Director, Stiritup“With our new packaging, we’re giving consumers a fresh hummus experience as it should be,” Tamar shares with me. “Our founder, Alon Kruvi, is a third-generation master hummus connoisseur who wanted to bring hummus back to what it once was. In order to provide the authentic flavor, he took his hummus recipe that contained simple, organic ingredients and then specially designed packaging for a fresh hummus experience.”

Available in four delicious flavors, including Classic, Mediterranean, Village, and Blazin, hummustir is now available in 7-ounce and 12-ounce on-the-go carriers that deconstruct the hummus into separated chickpea puree and tahini with spices. Consumers, then, just need to do what the name insists, and stir the two together for fresh hummus.

Hummistir's easy to use packaging

“With our new packaging, it is even easier for everyone to enjoy fresh hummus anywhere. All consumers need to do is peel, pour, and stir,” Tamar tells me. “The consumer is involved in the process to make our product the freshest possible. In other hummus, preservatives help to keep it fresh. But since we have separated the two main ingredients, we were able to specifically design our hummus to be preservative free.”

HummistirWith only six ingredients, hummustir is vegan and gluten-free with no trans fat, sugar, or added oils and can be kept on the shelf or in a pantry for up to a year. And, the packaging is recyclable, too, so no hummus or packaging goes to waste.

“Since its launch, everyone was pretty excited to check it out. Each retailer we’ve presented the product to has given us incredible feedback,” Tamar tells me. “Now, we’re focusing on communicating what we’re about to the consumer, and so far, the response on social media has exceeded our expectations, too.”

Stiritup's line of Hummustir

Perfect to spread on bread, dipped with chips, or sprinkled on a salad, there are a million ways to enjoy hummustir and even more places to take it to!

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